Rustic Holiday Decor that Creates a WOW Factor

Are you ready to decorate your upscale rustic mountain home for the holidays? Bright, garish colors have no place in an upscale rustic setting. Here are five ways you can decorate your home beautifully and compliment your woodsy setting.

Rustic Home Decor Ideas

White Lights

If your home is filled with neutral tones like natural woods and stone, it can be difficult to keep the ambiance of the house bright and cheery in the winter. Do not despair! White lights add a touch of elegance and warmth to the house that complements the decor. On the tree, up the staircase, draped over the mantle, and even lining the windows, white lights create a warm glow that is sure to impress and brighten the room.

Trees, Wreaths & Garlands

In your upscale rustic mountain home, natural tones rule but strategic splashes of color can bring a taste of whimsy and warmth. As a natural part of landscape, green stands out among wood and stone. The same is to be the case in your home.

A beautiful green tree adorned with white lights and ornaments will stand out yet blend beautifully. To carry the theme throughout the house, hang a matching beautiful green wreath on your door and wrap cedar boughs up the stairs. Without making things seem too busy, it creates a warm, festive holiday feel.

Muslin Packages with Lace Ribbon

Ditch traditional wrapping paper and get a bolt of unbleached muslin fabric. It is simple to wrap packages no matter the shape and it will go beautifully under your tree. For an added splash of warmth, garnish packages with old fashioned lace ribbon. The most beautiful ribbons can be found in vintage stores but you can also purchase it online or at local craft stores.

Chunky Knit Or Faux Fur Stockings

With your mantle adorned with a cedar boughs and white lights, it is almost complete. Even upscale homes need stockings hung by the chimney with care but you don’t want to ruin the ambiance with unsophisticated socks. The chunky knit trend is the perfect blend of whimsy and sophistication to complete your holiday mantle. For a more refined look, you might consider faux fur with pearl accents. No lumps of coal will be found in your beautiful display!

Natural Candles

The WOW factor touch needs to be strategically placed candles. You don’t want melted wax on your natural wood or stone so battery powered flicker candles are a must. Stock up on batteries and light candles in every room! Plain white candles wrapped in thin plaid ribbon add an additional color element that can be cheerfully displayed from room to room.

There is no need to mute your home’s current WOW factor with holiday decor that does not match. Add to your home’s charm by using some of the tips above.

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