Escape to a Cozy Rustic Home in the Mountains

Visualize a cozy rustic mountain home, and notice what images pop into the mind? Cool breezes; the rustle of leaves caught in the wind and a mountain view like no other. Weathered barn wood, fur throws, wood-burning stoves and all set in a quintessential town. It will be one of the only places to enjoy the sounds of wild birds and small animals leisurely searching for food and frolicking in the woods. Live in the middle of it all.

The Tranquility of a Rustic Mountain Home

Rustic mountain homes have been a popular diversion from suburban life for years. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are widely designed for their rugged look, from unfinished log walls to timber frame architectural elements, right down to stone fireplaces and wrap around porches. However, traditional designs of these rustic mountain homes even make the small home feel expansive and yet intimate.

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The construction of these rustic mountain homes consist of natural material such as unfinished logs, treated wood siding and a variation of stone elements. They can be built on oversized lots within defined communities, or deep in the forest. For some owners, they have two and even three of these rustic mountain homes in various locations across the country.

One of these rustic mountain homes will usually afford lots of windows so that the change of seasons make for a picturesque view all year around.  Extensive exposed beams and tongue and groove ceilings makes these homes stand right out. Whether it’s an eastern Appalachian style or western Wrangler style, picking out a favorite design makes all the difference in the world.

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Timber frame design rustic mountain homes are very popular in areas where snowfall is high. Some are built on sloped lots and still others are built as a permanent residence with added garages and areas for storing winter vehicles or summer fun vehicles.

Just owning one of these homes in a quiet place is sometimes vital for many families who live a hectic life. A rustic mountain home is peaceful and beautiful.