Spring-spiration! Pictures of Beautiful Homes

Spring is a time of new beginnings. A time to dust off the cobwebs of winter, and think about summer and any home projects it could bring. Whether you’re considering building a new primary residence or investing in a vacation home… it all starts with inspiration. Thinking about the style of home you are dreaming up, the layout and functionality can help you to turn that dream into a reality, and we’d like to help!

Get inspired in today’s post!

Pictures of Beautiful Homes

Let’s first talk about style. Our design style tends to fall into three categories: traditional, modern and mountain (or rustic). Not to say we do not design other styles! In fact, we don’t adhere to any one particular architectural style and instead provide layouts that meet the needs of modern families, while creating details and homes that reflect the personalities of the homeowners, keeping our egos out of the design process. [Learn more about Stillwater Architecture] However, for today’s post we’re going to share pictures of beautiful homes that fall into the three buckets listed above.

Traditional Architecture

The style of traditional architecture can mean different things to different people. To us, it’s using classic lines and proportions, yet as with any architecture project, the end result can take any number of twists and turns. Here are a few of our traditional architecture projects from the years.

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Modern Architecture

Modern homes are fun to design. They often include contemporary lines, crisp materials and simple detailing. Here are a few of our modern projects.

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Mountain or Rustic Architecture

When we’re asked to design a mountain home the first thing we consider (after consulting with the family on their needs and desires of course!) is how it fits in with nature. Rustic style is a design style with an emphasis on rugged, natural beauty, nature-inspired textures, and unpretentious warmth. It is simple and earthy. Here are a few of our rustic home projects.

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Design inspiration comes from any number of sources, we hope some of our projects have created a spark for your creative juices. We invite you to follow us on Houzz and Pinterest for more design ideas. And, as always, feel free to reach out for a consolation if you get stuck!

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