Upcycling: Stunning Ideas for Your Eclectic Home

When items that are meant to be discarded are converted into something even more spectacular, that’s called upcycling. When crafted into a new piece, an object becomes a unique home decor item that is not only certain to become a conversation piece, but a reminder of saving it from the landfill.

Upcycled Home Decor

Here are some upcycling we have found from around the web.

Kodachrome Lamp

Upcycled Home DecorRetrorenovation
 Is there a more beautiful way to not use those old Kodachrome slides? Maybe you don’t personally have any, but perhaps there are some stashed away in your grandparents attic. You may even be able to shop thrift stores and eBay to recreate this look. This type of lamp would fit beautifully into a home using traditional architecture.

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Bathtub Sofa

Upcycled Home DecorTrend Hunter
Those old fashioned colored tubs had such vibrancy about them, but they tend to not be used much in actual bathrooms – that we’ve seen – but there’s no reason to let those oversized pieces go to the landfill. This idea to convert a bathtub into a seating area may not replace your regular sofa, but could be a fun conversation starter in a less used space. Would go perfectly in a home with modern architecture.

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Reclaimed Drawers

Upcycled Home DecorUpcyclista
This funky use of drawers becoming, well, drawers is so eye-catching! It would be an excellent entry way piece or in the guest bedroom and would fit well with cottage style architecture. How would you fill those drawers?

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Ski Lift Swing

Upcycled Home DecorStillwater Architecture
This idea is from our very own project, The Ski Chalet Residence, it only seemed fitting to upcycle a ski lift into a seating area of a tucked away nook.

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Drumkit Table

Upcycled Home DecorTim sway | Etsy
This drum kit table idea was so popular it went Internet viral! A stunning use of an old drum set, that is perfect for musicians and/or in band rooms. It’s details like this that can really elevate a specific space.

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Ski Gondola Rocking Chair
Upcycled Home Decor
Adrien Rovero
This piece would fit perfectly with mountain modern architecture! It’s playful design lends to a kid area, the throwback look says vintage but still contemporary.
The concept of upcycling is not a new one, craftsmen, for centuries, have worked with what they have to create something even better. With a little creativity, and some ingenuity, any piece can be converted into a piece you will love guaranteeing a unique way to make your custom home, truly one-of-a-kind.
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