What To Consider When Designing a Log Cabin Home

Without a doubt one of the best ways to spend a vacation is in a luxurious cabin at a beautiful location. Many people find that purchasing a finished log cabin may not suit their needs and desires, so building one is their next best option. A lot goes into building log cabin homes, and it all starts with a design. It may not seem like it, but designing a log cabin takes careful consideration.

There are several interesting floor plans that can be chosen, as well as improved upon per personal desires. A great way to start this endeavor is by hiring a reputable architect that has experience building log cabin homes. He or she will work closely with you to ensure that the best design has been developed. Along the way, it may be best to consider alternate designs and floor plans to meet the budget and deliver a spectacular home as an end result.

One example of this is trying to eliminate excessive corners because each corner costs a considerable amount that could be dedicated to a more luxurious trim. A simple four corner floor plan that is expanded upon by building up and adding internal beams that are not exposed will save a considerable amount. To expand on this concept, consider that by simplifying these things in the ground prep and foundation work get saved on as well.

If budget is not an issue then of course go all out, after all it is a vacation home. For many people saving money on some things enables them to pour far more into the things that make a vacation cabin so special. Fireplaces, counter tops, Jacuzzi’s, expansive windows, custom staircases, among other cabin comforts are definitely worth spending more on. Another example of reallocating money for nicer trim is to consider log siding and traditional framing on the upper portion of the cabin.

By strategic placing of beams and other log trim on the inside of the home, a considerable amount can be saved without sacrificing anything aesthetically. When working on the design, planning to add color and drywall to a few rooms can also help to relocate funds into the finishing touches. Part of designing log cabin homes is to allow plenty of space first, incorporating the lavish furnishings will follow. Always make sure that each part of the design meets the budget and exceeds expectations.

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