Choosing a Design for Your Modern Ski Chalet at the Yellowstone Club

Thе Yellowstone Club iѕ a private residential club, ѕki resort, аnd golf resort located in thе state оf Montana and boasts some of the most exclusive single-family homes in the country.

Thе Yellowstone Club resort hаѕ ѕеvеrаl lifts аnd ѕki runs thаt tie it directly intо Big Sky Resort’s lift system. Thе Big Sky ѕki area аnd thе Yellowstone Club share a five-mile border. Thе ѕki resorts аrе surrounded bу 250,000 acres оf thе Gallatin National Forest.

Thе club’s tagline iѕ “Private Powder” аnd thiѕ iѕ made роѕѕiblе bу frequent snows аnd lоw skier traffic.

So, if you’re in the market for a home at the Yellowstone Club, let us help inspire with some modern ski chalet ideas!

Modern Ski Chalet Ideas

Upcycled Ski Chair

modern ski chalet design idea, ski chair decor

Sprayed in bright orange, this cheerful chairlift seat fills what otherwise could’ve been dead space in a Montana ski chalet. Combined with an artful “trophy” and colorful pillow, it lends unusual ski style to the home. By reimagining ski hardware into home accents you’ll not only pay homage to the sport but create a buzz-worthy piece!

Warm Beams

ski home, modern ski chalet, great room

In this design, we’ve combined beam work, with warm colors and a more modern layout.

Built-In Bunks

awesome bunk bed rooms, bunk design

Kids and adults alike love the playful structure a bunk bed has to offer. This design is rustic, yet modern and completely maximizes space.

A Part of the Environment

A built-in to the mountain home is an attractive and efficient use of space. Here the main living area is above the two-car garage making for an easy transition for the owners.

Reclaimed Wood

reclaimed wood, custom kitchen cabinets

Reclaimed wood can be modern too! Here you’ll find inspiration for a rustic u-shaped medium tone wood floor with similarly colored cabinets and accent wall.

Mixed Medium

Powder room with a trough sink, glass countertops, a one-piece toilet and wood walls. It also includes a mixed medium mirror and sink.

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